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Get active and healthy while we’re on lockdown with online yoga classes

Helping you keep active – both mentally and physically.

As Coronavirus (COVID-19), is continuing to affect the UK, the prospect of continuing to stay home for a longer period of time can be overwhelming – particularly for anyone who enjoys keeping active, or those who are on lockdown alone and feels isolated.

Adjusting is hard – we know this too well having recently launched an online yoga class studio – but rather than feeling trapped and demotivated, try to change how you perceive the long hours at home by embracing it as an opportunity to try something new, like online yoga.

During these uncertain times, it is important to look after your wellbeing and your mental health now more than ever, and by adopting a new yoga at-home-workout, you will get active and improve your wellbeing for the long-term.

Look after your wellbeing and your mental health by adopting a new yoga at-home-workout.

Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is a great way to boost your mood and keep active – and online yoga classes can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Yoga helps to stretch out the body after lots of chair sitting which helps with stiff joints and maintaining good blood circulation. Not only is yoga good for stretching, but it’s also a great way to increase strength by holding poses and supporting your own body weight. Plus, yoga slows down the mind by concentrating on breathing techniques – a particularly useful skill right now!

How to start yoga

Learn how to practice yoga in a week

At Whitespace, we’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years so have perfected our introduction to yoga course. These yoga courses with experienced yoga teachers, are powerful learning experiences where you can re-discover your body, how it works, and what it can do.

We’ve been refining and adapting our introduction to yoga course to offer as an online yoga course – designed to give you the time and support to understand the proper alignment of Yoga asanas (postures) and breathing techniques.

Our online introduction to yoga course can be taken across 4-days, or even in one go. You will begin by focusing on the basics, but it won’t stop there. Our teachers are experts at helping you master form, understand how to breathe, and help you build confidence in the postures and experience the wonders of Yoga for the first time. Our online beginner’s yoga special includes the introduction course, 2 weeks of unlimited Live and On-Demand online yoga, pilates and mindfulness classes, plus 2 weeks of unlimited studio classes when we re-open.


The Beginner’s Special costs £59 and is available to purchase online. No previous experience is required. Our introduction to yoga online course is designed for someone trying yoga for the first time. All classes can be accessed for only 7 days from the start time of that class by visiting our website’s Virtual Studio page. Please check our FAQs for more information.

Other ways to help reduce anxiety during lockdown

If you’re struggling during this uncertain time, our wellbeing experts at Whitespace have provided their top tips for helping you to relax…

Keep a routine
In a world where little is normal right now, it helps to try to keep things as normal as possible where you can. Keeping a consistent wake up and bed time pattern will help to maintain a routine and avoid work, home and family blurring together. If you regularly come to yoga classes at Whitespace, try to keep up your regular practice and join the live classes where you can.

View class timetable

Switch your phone and the news off as much as you can
Have some time out and time to yourself. There is so much in the media about Coronavirus because it is an important topic, but you do need some time where you’re not constantly reading about what is going on in the world. So, instead of spending the evening on your phone, switch it off and settle down with those around you. Take an evening yoga class, watch a film, read a book, do some cooking – take some time away from the media – it will really help your mental health.

Speak to your family and friends regularly
As everyone is advised to not mix households and only go outside when necessary, this will cause many people to feel lonely so pick up the phone and talk to your friends and family. It could be a quick phone call or a Zoom or Facetime video call – whatever it is, hearing the voices of your loved ones will make a big difference to you and them.

However you chose to spend your time during this time, do what feels right! There is no right or wrong way to get through this… but we WILL get through this.

If you’re interested in our online classes, you can find out more about our virtual studio online where you will also find our FAQs.

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