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Deep Rest Yoga Nidra Teacher Training


Deep Rest Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: 5-day Immersion


This comprehensive course is for anyone who wishes to access deeper relaxation, a higher understanding of the human experience and ultimately begin teaching Yoga Nidra to others.
Yoga Nidra, also known as ‘yogic sleep’, explores the conscious state between wakefulness and sleep, allowing deep relaxation as well as access to the multiple layers of our being.
iRest Yoga Nidra James Reeves Teacher Training
For anyone who wishes to access a deeper relaxation and higher understanding of the human experience. It is deigned as a Yoga Nidra teacher training but is equally suitable for non-teachers seeking personal development. 


The practice gives us the tools to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as complex, sometimes conflicted, multi-dimensional beings.
Using the Koshas (energetic ‘layers’ that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core) as framework, James will walk you through the philosophy and science that underpin this fascinating practice.
Providing you with expert knowledge and unique tools and techniques, along with step-by-step guides, scripts and recordings, this comprehensive course will give you the confidence to start sharing and teaching the practice of Yoga Nidra with others.

Graduates will receive a 30hr accredited certificate and are able to register this course on their teacher profile. Training hours can also be used for members of other yoga organisations. (e.g. CPD points).

James Reeves

James Reeves is Author of the Book Of Rest (2018, Harper Collins) and recognised as a world-leading authority on the practice of rest and Yoga Nidra.

He has been facilitating Yoga Nidra teacher training programs around the world since 2014, after a decade of intensive study and self-practice.

Warm, invitational and grounded in practical experience, James has a reputation for making these teachings relevant and accessible for modern day living and shows how the healing benefits of the practice can apply to us all. He’s been teaching yoga and meditation since 2005.


Course curriculum

  • Historical context of Yoga Nidra.
  • The Hypnogogic state.
  • States of consciousness and brainwaves.
  • Neuroscience of waking, dreaming and deep sleep states.
  • Modern adaptions of tradition.
  • What are intentions and how to set up meaningful ones, and why they are important in our practice.
  • Guiding your students to create the right intentions for them.
  • Model of the conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Intentions as a tool to get in touch with your deepest desires.
  • States of expansion through moving beyond the self
  • Silence vs instruction
  • The pitfalls of objectifying awareness
  • Grasping the ungraspable through enquiry and experience
  • 5 ways of being in our true nature
  • Brainwaves
  • The physiology of sleep and sleep stages
  • The anatomy of dreams and dream work
  • Default Mode Network
  • Attention Network
  • Present Centered network
  • The Evolving brain & current research
  • Using your voice – tone, style and language
  • Classical Yoga Nidra set-up and alternatives
  • Pricing and marketing your classes
  • Teaching group classes vs teaching one-to-one
  • Teaching drop-In classes and courses
  • Teaching workshops and retreats
  • Teaching online vs teaching in person
  • The Ethics of teaching Yoga Nidra
    Finding support as a teacher
Teaching iRest Yoga Testimonial

Annamaya Kosha – The Physical Body

Pranamaya Kosha - Life Force Defined

Manomaya Kosha - the emotional body

Vijnanamaya Kosha - the realm of thoughts

Anandamaya Kosha - the bliss of your true self

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5 St Pauls Court (off the High St),
Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK11 1LJ

Duration & location

Courses are held at our beautiful, light-filled dedicated yoga studio in Milton Keynes – the perfect environment to immerse yourself in this wonderful practice and share experiences with like-minded people.


We have very limited free parking available to the rear of the building, entering via Fagan’s Court, although we do recommend you use of the other car parks:

  • What our customers are saying about us “Teachers were knowledgable and inspirational”

    WhiteSpace is a lovely studio, the staff are friendly and welcoming. A little haven tucked away. I spent two weeks here on a course and it very quickly felt like home. It's just a shame it's so far away from me otherwise I'd be here every day!!

    - Kirsty

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