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Memberspace Launch

Here at Whitespace, we are dreaming about community. Oh how we miss it! The hustle bustle of students gathering in the hallway, the orange boxes crammed with shoes, the hum of the constant chitter chatter, the studios alive with the energy of dozens of yogis enjoying their practice.

But now we are online! And we want to do everything we can to build our online yoga community…..for always.

What better way to do that than make a member’s section on the website! Our community coming together as one online just as it does in the studio hallway. A health and wellness section with great content… Memberspace has been born!!

Memberspace will fuel your health, happiness and personal goals. So there will be piles of all sorts of new and inspiring content which will grow over the coming weeks. (Your old favourites will stay there too so you can dip back when you need to.) A library of free recorded classes available on-demand, yogic recipes, sound advice on self-love and fun challenges and quizzes. Keep a look out for special promotions and giveaways too. And of course an awesome blog!

We want to let our yogis do some of the talking so we have created a message board where you can all ask and answer questions, make comments and, ask advice or say anything you might otherwise have said when taking your shoes off or chatting at the start of class.

So get involved, start the ball rolling; let us know what you would like to see. Tell us if you would like to share an experience; why you go to a certain class perhaps.

We are really looking forward to this new extension of our yoga community; what will one day become a fantastic complement to our chats in the Whitespace hallway!

– Pam Connolly
Whitespace Owner

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