WHITESPACE YOGA'S MISSIONSince opening, we’ve grown from strength to strength

– each new expansion decided by our community of teachers and students. From the beginning, Whitespace Yoga set its goal to:
We pride ourselves on having one of the friendliest and most passionate teams in the biz. We believe in building relationships, and it’s a community effort with teachers, customers and staff who working alongside each other to help you achieve your wellbeing goals.

the Story Behind whitespace

Whitespace Yoga opened its studio doors on the 30th October, 2010. The studio was the culmination and realisation of our founder, Deborah Berryman’s, vision: for everyone to experience and grow through mind-body practices, in a safe, warm, friendly and non-judgmental environment – regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, diet and lifestyle.



“The moment you arrive in a space that has a special vibe, you feel it straight away”

30 February 2018 | Yoga Magazine

“Milton Keynes studio named first centre of excellence yoga studio in England”

30 May 2017 | Milton Keynes Citizen

“Yoga goes al fresco at Peace Pagoda in colourful fundraiser”

15 August 2016 | Milton Keynes Citizen

our studio team


I took over the ownership of Whitespace from Deborah in October 2020. I am an accountancy and economics graduate with many years marketing and business development experience in the accounting profession.

I began my yoga journey at Whitespace several years ago at an “intro to yoga” day, and I have practised consistently since. I think I am probably still a beginner however! I feel much more confident about bringing my business and marketing background than my yoga prowess to the future success of the studio!

I have inherited something truly special from Deborah’s exceptional leadership over the years; a vibrant team with the dedication to preserve and build on her success, and a wonderful teaching community committed to sharing their love of yoga with our students.

I’m excited to be part of all of this, to be part of the incredible energy that will see Whitespace continue to thrive in the future.


Studio Manager
After years co-owning a motorsport business, I decided to take my hands-off to add life “contrast” … and I couldn’t have landed with a more delightful team!
I’ve been increasingly appreciating everything that is “Whitespace” and its continual motivation to develop and attune the WS experience for its students. I’m excited to see the studio grow, flourish and continue to welcome more students through its doors to improve their health and happiness.

You’ll occasionally find me in a deep relaxation class, on short walks around the grounds, or faffing around with my motorcycle gear in the carpark.


Assistant Studio Manager
I first came to the Studio on Open Day in 2010 - from working 1 hour per day in exchange for 1 yoga class to becoming

my full-time job! This really is my second home - I’m either behind the desk, in the office or on my mat, I love working AND practicing here (& often drag the hubby here too!).

I’m here to ensure everything runs smoothly and support our members along the way (which is just the most fab part of the job). I’m mum to 2 awesome teenage boys and work hard to cultivate the qualities I learn on my mat into my life.


Scheduling Manager
I was a student at Whitespace during my pregnancy and here every week for the baby classes (and tea) once my son was born . . . when my maternity leave was over, I started to work here!

Before Whitespace I’d been conditioned as a project manager – I love a list, I love to be busy, and I have a thirst for just ‘getting-things-done’ . . . yoga has been teaching me how to listen to myself,

adjust the pace and find that sustainable balance that prevents illness and burn-out. I’m learning that Life’s a marathon, Not a sprint.


Office Administrator
I joined Whitespace in summer 2017 after working a busy London job for almost a decade. Since starting my new yoga journey, like many, I also completed the Introduction to Yoga course and fell in love (with the practice, not with the instructor😊) and have been regularly attending classes ever since feeling the benefits.

My favourite class is Flow – energising and strengthening, teaching your body to “speak” and a wondering mind to be quiet. You won’t see me too often as I spend most of the time in the “tower”, but occasionally, if you hear a slight accent at front desk – it’s usually me saying hi and checking you in for a class. I love being a part of this small but truly amazing team and I hope they appreciate my fun-loving personality and my dry, unique sense of humour!


Studio Assistant
My favourite way to spend time is being with family and friends, Yoga – teaching and practising, being outside in the company of trees, flowers and wildlife, foraging, gardening, watching any form of dance, live music. I enjoy being part of a wonderful Community, the hugs, the smiles, the friendships, the classes, the teachers, seeing the sparkle and smiles from students especially after class. Yoga has taught me its a wonderful journey which will be with me always, that it is ok to ‘just be’ on my mat and there is always so much more to learn.


Teacher Training Assistant
I’ve been assisting with Whitespace teacher courses ever since finding this wonderful, friendly and humerus team.
They’re no skeleton crew, but they still find time to wish me well and tickle my funny bone! I enjoy demonstrating my best angles and poses in class - even when it feels like people are just looking straight through me. One day I might start my own Teaching journey, but tibia honest, – I just don’t have the guts.

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