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Start your wellness journey off right with Whitespace Yoga in Stony Stratford


start your wellness journey with the
at Whitespace Studio in Stony Stratford

are you ready for a new way of life?

The New Starter Offer at Whitespace Studio in Milton Keynes is just what you need to start your wellness journey . . .

Whether you are strengthening your body.

Or quietening your mind.

We won’t judge!

Do you want to feel better?

perhaps some of these sound familiar . . . 

    “I have been feeling so stressed lately.”

    “I am not very flexible, but what can I do about it?”

    “I’m fed up with feeling tired all the time.”

    “My body feels stiff and I’m not sure why my back hurts.”

If so, then coming to class is a really great first step!

. . . but if you don’t know your Vinyasa from your Yin, it can be impossible to know where to start.

So how do you choose?

We are here to support you.

Do you think that Yoga is only for the super-flexible?

Pilates is only for the super-strong? 

. . . and Meditation is for the super-super?

We are here to dispel the myths and encourage you to take that first step.

Find the right classes for you with the New Starter Offer at Whitespace Yoga in Stony Stratford.

Stepping outside our comfort zones is challenging for the bravest of us.

But our friendly team are always on hand to guide you (and cheer you on) along the way!

  • Even if… you have never rolled out a mat before
  • Even if… if don’t feel calm enough to be a yogi!
  • ESPECIALLY if… you feel overwhelmed with no idea where to start

Who is this for?

It’s open to everyone new to Whitespace Studio.

Whether you’re new to yoga and Pilates, or just new to Milton Keynes – our New Starter Offer allows you to explore the classes and teachers we offer.

Helping you find the right class for you.

And a routine you will want to stick with.

So how does it work?

Our New Starter Offer begins with a 10-minute call with one of our team.


We’ll learn what you’re looking for and make schedule recommendations based on your needs.

Over the next 28 days, you can attend any six sessions of your choosing at Whitespace Yoga studio.

It’s just £45 to sign up

And after you’ve completed your six classes…

You get 10% off  from your first 2 class bundles when you continue.

So you get to enjoy these
six sessions for FREE!



We know that you will love your first 6 classes ...
but the BEST BIT is the change you will see on the other side:

  • Better posture, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety symptoms
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increase in focus and energy levels

    . . . and that is only the beginning!

come by and see us!

At Whitespace Studio, we have an on-site café, top-of-the-line yoga teachers, a friendly community, and the widest selection of yoga classes in Milton Keynes.

All we need is you.

Sign up for our New Starter Offer, and schedule your 10-minute call with our team.

You could become part of this positive, supportive community of fellow, local students…

Give yourself permission…

And take the next step to feeling better

Ready to feel better?
Get the New Starter Offer today and start enjoying any 6 sessions over the next 4 weeks!

After sign-up, on the next page you can schedule your 10-minute call with one of our team, and your account will be ready for you to start booking your first classes.

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On the next page you’ll schedule your wellbeing consultation get you started.
The £45 is only due at the end of your consultation, when we’ll create your account for booking your classes right away.

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Our community
is waiting for you

We can't wait to meet you