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Getting the Most Out of Your Home Practice

Are you all loving your Whitespace livestream classes? You can still enjoy online yoga after lockdown; all of our amazing teachers will continue to livestream every studio class on Zoom.

Here are some ideas to cultivate your home yoga practice:-

Make the most of your Whitespace membership

All our memberships give you access to our full range of wonderful livestreamed classes, taught by all of our amazing teachers. You have the opportunity to chat with your teacher and fellow students, before and after class, so you can almost feel you are right there in the studio with them!

Find your yoga space

Finding a “sacred” special space at home where you can roll out your mat will enhance your focus and enjoyment. De-clutter, set the mood with beautiful lighting and make the space beautiful with scented candles, plants, incense and favourite objects or art. Add your favourite props and blankets.

Schedule yoga time

Make sure you make time for yoga on your weekly to-do list; don’t feel guilty about making time for yourself. Yoga and meditation are self-care practices, and dedicating time to them will leave you calmer, more focused, less stressed and more productive. Schedule in your favourite classes and enjoy them.

Practice with a friend

Arrange to meet a friend on your favourite online Whitespace class and connect with them afterwards for a chat. And it doesn’t matter where they live so meeting up over yoga can be a great way to maintain contact with a long-distance bestie.

Share with us!

Take a picture of your own yoga space, or your home practice, and share with us on social media for fun and interaction with your teachers and other students. Enjoy striking a pose and ask others to join you!

Let us know how you are getting on!

If you want to do more yoga classes at home our new At Home Plus membership gives you UNLIMITED livestream classes! And the friends you ask to join you virtually can try our New Client Livestream Offer!

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