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Whitespace Studio yoga instructor Adele Ryan smiling at the camera

How Adele unleashed her potential, with Whitespace’s Yoga Teacher Training

Adele Ryan, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate 2022

Igniting the Inner Flame through Yoga Teacher Training

Meet Adele Ryan, a yoga enthusiast who had been nurturing her passion for over a decade. She embarked on her journey with Whitespace Studio’s 300-hour Teacher Training, not with the intention to teach, but to kindle her inner flame and deepen her understanding of yoga.

“I initially signed up for the teacher training programme purely for personal growth and development. For about the last 10 years, I’ve had a real keen interest in yoga and I just wanted to dive a bit deeper, Had absolutely no interest in teaching whatsoever.”

Nurturing Growth at Whitespace Studio

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At Whitespace Studio, Adele found a sanctuary that was professional, calming, and supportive. The nurturing environment fostered by the teachers and the enriching interactions with fellow students made her journey a deeply nourishing experience, contributing significantly to her personal growth.

“If I had to choose three words to describe Whitespace Studio, I’d use the professional, calming and supportive. Throughout the training I felt listened to, I felt nurtured by the teachers and the experience with the other students is incredible to the point where, actually, I would struggle to put that into words. But, um, it’s it’s a very deep, nourishing experience.”

Embracing Challenges, Cultivating Resilience

Life has a way of throwing curveballs, and Adele’s journey was no exception. An old injury resurfaced during her training, but with the unwavering support from her teachers and her own resilience, she turned this challenge into an opportunity for growth.

This experience taught her self-kindness, acceptance, and honed her verbal cues, laying the foundation for her unique teaching style.

“During the teaching module, a very old injury that I’d forgotten about decided to rear its ugly head and for the whole of the teaching module I couldn’t physically practise. I spent the whole of the module in a chair, watching other people doing the poses, doing the moves. Initially I found this really frustrating and extremely overwhelming. There were lots of tears. My teachers were fantastic in terms of reassuring me that this wasn’t going to affect me qualifying and what I learned from this was huge, Really. It made me take a step back and consider that things do happen to us and I suppose truly practise kindness for myself and acceptance. And with this, my verbal cues became stronger, and I think that it’s given me the basics to be the kind of teacher that I am today.”

Transformation: From Student to Teacher

Adele’s journey with Whitespace Studio was transformative. From someone who had no interest in teaching, she discovered a passion for it during the training.

After graduation, she made the bold decision to quit her job and open her own small yoga studio. Today, teaching yoga is a significant part of her life.

“During the training, we are encouraged to start teaching. Actually, it’s essential that we do teach a number of teaching hours. And for somebody who initially had no interest in teaching, I absolutely fell in love with it. When I qualified, I was already continuing with my classes from my attic room in my house. And when I completed the course, I felt a huge sense of achievement because it wasn’t totally plain sailing with me for various reasons. I carried on teaching, fell in love with it more and more and more. And then about three months after graduating, I made the huge life decision to quit my job in local authority work and open my own small business from my home. I now run a small studio in my garden with a capacity of eight students. And life could not be different from the beginning of the training where I signed up, adamant that I wasn’t going to teach, and now teaching is very much a huge part of my life.”

Adele’s transformative journey with Whitespace Studio’s 300-hour Teacher Training is a testament to the power of personal growth and the potential of yoga. It’s a compelling story of transformation, resilience, and the love for yoga.

Her story serves as an inspiration for those seeking to deepen their yoga practice or considering a career in teaching yoga.

Are you ready to ignite your inner flame, embrace challenges, and transform your life? Join Whitespace Studio’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Foundational Course and embark on your transformative journey today.

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