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Community Update (Lockdown 2.0)

We had all hoped that the Whitespace studio wouldn’t be forced into temporary closure by another national lockdown but following the recent government announcement we are sadly required to suspend studio classes from Thursday for 4 weeks.

At the start of the last lockdown both the Whitespace team and the teachers worked extremely hard to set up our virtual studio; their drive and commitment now allows us to livestream our usual timetable for the period of studio closure. Your favourite teachers will be continuing to offer you the same fantastic classes each week and they’ve also compiled an extensive library of classes for on demand practice.

Memberships & Passes

We’ve been hard at work designing fair and sustainable membership adjustments to help you continue your practice from home.

Whilst the current livestream schedule isn’t due to change, there have been a couple of small membership tweaks to help you get the most from your practice:

Currently on our At-Home Membership?
You’ll continue enjoying your membership as normal, but if you’re looking for more at-home classes, you can now upgrade to unlimited livestream classes for only £16.00! Check out our lockdown memberships here, or email us if you’d like to upgrade.

Currently on our Flexible Membership?
We’re increasing your online classes, and you now have access to 3x livestream classes per week! Book your next class here.
If you’re still looking for more, you can upgrade to unlimited livestream classes for only £10.00 by sending us an email. 

Currently on Way of Life or All Access Membership?
Your next payment will be reduced down to only £55, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the full unlimited livestream schedule. Book your next class here.

We’d also like to thank those of you that have been in touch with us to offer support to Whitespace by continuing your membership under the original price. If you would like to do the same, please contact us and we’ll be sure to give you something extra when we’re allowed to reopen our doors again!

Currently on New Client Offer or Class Pass?
We’re more than happy to convert your current pass to be available to use online – simply send us an email and we’ll transfer your credit to be used for our livestream classes.

Workshops & Events

We understand many of you have upcoming workshops and trainings on the way, and we’ll be emailing you all separately over the next couple of days with a final plan for these events. 


Amid the anxiety and the very real threat of coronavirus, it is vital that we continue to support the needs of our yoga community; helping everyone to cope with the stress and isolation through health and wellbeing. We are encouraging you all to practice online with access to all the same teachers and classes. Yoga is a great way to boost your mood and keep active in the comfort your own home.

We will get through these next few weeks together and once again soon have the vibrant yoga studio and community we all remember and love.

With love,

Pam Connolly and the Whitespace Team

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