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We at Whitespace have always been devoted to creating an equitable yoga space and world for all, but recognise that there is still so much work to do and a higher bar to reach for.   We recognise there is an inclusivity and diversity problem in our world, including the yoga community and we have a role to play in addressing it.  We are listening deeply, studying, and searching our own hearts in devotion to creating and maintaining spaces for people from all backgrounds – where all students, especially those in marginalised communities, feel safe and welcome. We are learning to dive more deeply into anti-racism, feminism, supporting the LGBT+ community, trauma-informed yoga and accessibility. The journey may not be perfect, but we promise to stay on this path and do better. We love our community so much and consider embodying these subjects an act of love and divine service (seva).

The journey may not be perfect, but we promise to stay on this path and do better.

It can be difficult to know how to help, and where to start but that’s no excuse to not try; we start where we are. The definition of a Guru is a teacher who dispels our ignorance and leads us toward the light, and luckily, there are many LGBT, feminist and POC leaders who have devoted their lives to educating us about how to actively create and support social justice. Keeping in mind always, that the most important guru lives within and can discovered or rediscovered through the practice of self-study.

BLACK LIVES MATTER : ‘In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist.’ – Angela Davis.

We stand in solidarity with our black students, black people in our community and all black people around the world.  Being anti-racist means more than ridding ourselves of racist attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. It means we’re intentional and thinking about how to interrupt the systemic and institutionalised racist policies and practices that are surrounding us.  We will take guidance and be led by the black community on how to take action in support of these efforts. 

There are MANY resources out there to help understand and support anti-racism.  Here are just few places to start:

social justice

We thank each and every one of you for choosing to be a part of Whitespace. We are so much more than a yoga studio, we are a community. Please remember that you are POWERFUL and that power grows exponentially when a community centres around LOVE and liberation. While caring for the community in whatever way you see fit, also remember to take care of YOU. We are here for you and you can return to the mat – in studio or online – over and over to rest, recharge, and reignite your inner flame.

Thank you and we love you,

Deborah (owner & founder) and Whitespace team

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