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The Crazy Phenomenon of FOMO

I observed the crazy phenomenon of FOMO (fear of missing out) while travelling around London this week. At every pause, every moment of not doing anything, people grabbed for their phones and obsessively checked email, texts, FB, Instagram….what have I missed?!

We’re looking for constant stimulation – god forbid we should have a moment of our brains not being fed ‘stuff’ or just not doing anything.

fear of missing out

Alas, I found I wasn’t not immune! I was checking my phone every morning and lunchtime, sometimes in between when there was a gap in the day ‘just in case something amazing or catastrophic had occurred in the last hour’! It’s bizarre and dare I say a new anxiety disorder that I’ve got my beady eye on.

So today, I do solemnly pledge to put the god damn phone down and actually look up and see what’s going on the world, through my own eyes and not a 4.5″ x 2.4″ screen. Hope to see you along the way, Love Deborah x

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