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How to boost your immune system

Yoga is a useful tool for many things, from improving your mental health and reducing stress to helping you achieve your fitness goals and weight loss. But did you know it’s also great for keeping your body healthy? Yoga is a proven and effective way to boost your immune system and here’s how…

Yoga is a proven and effective way to boost your immune system.

Immune System

Stress Reduction

We all know the amazing positive effects yoga can have on reducing stress – it improves our mindset and mood. As stress can contribute to weakening the immune system and increase the risk of developing Chronic Inflammation, it’s important to maintain a regular practice to stay healthy.

Inflammation is part of the body’s process of fighting off infections, injuries and toxins. This is a natural process of releasing antibodies and increasing blood flow – essentials for our healing process. But when this process continues for longer than necessary, it becomes something called Chronic Inflammation, which can negatively impact your health in the long run.

Research has proven yoga and meditation to have an anti-inflammatory effect due to its stress-reducing powers. Fighting feelings of stress through yoga practice will, in turn, reduce inflammation as a whole.

Respiratory System

A lot of common illness such as a cold and flu can affect the respiratory system due to bacteria entering the lungs. Yoga is a great tool for maintaining the health of your respiratory system, making it stronger and aiding your body when fighting off infection.

The breathing exercises practiced in most yoga styles will keep your respiratory muscles strong and flexible. Yoga will also improve your posture and help with your spine and alignment, which is said to help you with your breathing as well.

For many people, breathing can be surprisingly problematic. If when you breathe, your chest expands but your stomach doesn’t move, this can be a concern. Reverse breathing can also be a problem – this is when your stomach sucks in rather than expands when you inhale. You should see your stomach move up and down with every inhale and exhale when you breathe healthily.
Yoga can teach you to do this, by becoming more conscious and aware of how you’re breathing daily.

Alongside both of these benefits, yoga will also improve your general health by keeping muscles and joints in good working order, helping with organ function and making you happy!

If you’re interested in adding an immunity-boosting activity to your exercise routine, we may have the perfect class for you to help you fight off infections and get your body ready for anything. 

At Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio, we have over 50 classes on the weekly schedule alongside multiple introductory coursesworkshops and advanced teacher training.

Join us in our light-filled, tranquil studio to boost your immune system and become the healthiest version of yourself. 


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