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How to stay healthy working at home

For many of us, adjusting to working from home – and a prospect of it lasting for a longer period of time can be mentally tough and draining. A few months ago, the idea of not rushing around each morning and commuting to work might have sounded great. However, in reality, working from home with the restrictions in place might not be the most enjoyable experience – despite the glorious weather we have had. It can feel overwhelming for those who don’t work from home on a regular basis, so with this in mind, we’ve pulled together our top tips to stay healthy – both in body and mind.

Keep your mind and body healthy when working at home

Healthy home working

Find what works for you

While you might be restricted by work zoom calls, it’s important to find the right balance that works for you and those at home with you.

Many of have had to adjust and compromise to a different way of working whilst juggling new challenges; like home-schooling, or sharing a working environment with a spouse, family member or housemate.

If you’re a morning person, you might find logging in earlier than usual allows you better headspace to be more productive – leaving you with a little more time during the day to do other things that make you happy. If you’re a night owl, you might find it easier to concentrate on work when the kids have gone to bed. Perhaps you work better with structure, and if so, continue to have set times to work. The important thing is to remember not to be too hard on yourself and allow yourself some flexibility.

Our daily On-Demand Classes are ideal for anyone who needs a little flexibility whilst juggling work and home life. Classes are available to practice at any time for up to 7-days so you can practice around life demands. Simply book your yoga or pilates class online and download at a time convenient to you and enjoy some much deserved YOU time.


Designate a working area

Set up an area at home that becomes your working space. Creating boundaries to physically separate work from home will help you to switch off from work and settle into your relaxing space for the evening.

While it might be tempting to sit on the sofa or in bed to work, soft seats won’t support your back. It’s likely that you won’t be sitting in the supportive chair you’re used to at the office, but there are a few tricks you can do to help your posture.

To protect your joints, when sat at your table, ensure your feet are flat on the floor – even pop a yoga brick or a few stacked books under your feet so that your knees are angled at 90 degrees. If you’re working on a laptop, typically the screen will be positioned lower than your natural eye level. Stack some books under your laptop to avoid leaning forward too much.

If it’s possible to do so, try to work somewhere where there is natural light to help boost your mood and regular breaks to move around.

Take regular breaks

Get up from your designated working area regularly to stretch out and keep mobile – this will stop your joints from becoming stiff. Yoga and Pilates sessions are perfect to properly lengthen your limbs and safely stretch out. At Whitespace, we have daily classes – both live and on-demand, varying from 30 minutes to 60 minutes so you can practice at a time suitable for you. Our 30-minute on demand yoga sessions are ideal if you need to re-charge mid-way through your day. 

Staying active

It’s proven that exercise makes you happy – which is super important during these times when we are all experiencing waves of emotions. We are more fortunate than other countries in that we can leave our homes to be active. Use this time to stretch your legs with a walk or run among nature. Your mood will instantly be lifted!

At Whitespace, we’re pleased to continue to offer brilliant classes with the best teachers – albeit virtually. Our range of class styles help to boost your mood, help you to keep active and stay connected. If you have a garden, and when the sun is shining, we highly recommend taking your practice outside.

Stay virtually connected

If you’re used to working in a team, then you might be missing the office humour, so stay connected. Set up regular calls, set up group chats or even join each other online to play games. One thing is for sure, that staying in contact virtually can be a lifeline for us. We can connect with colleagues, family and friends at the click of a button.

You can stay connected in classes too by joining our daily LIVE Classes – they can be great fun and such a lovely way to stay connected – or even join our supportive Whitespace community. Some of the benefits of joining the LIVE Classes also include practicing with your regular teacher and a regular time as it can give us a much-needed sense of ‘normal routine’.

Do something for you

Do something positive with the extra time you will have gained from not doing your normal commute – take a new yoga class to start a healthier habit, listen to an interesting podcast, read a book, cook a nutritious meal or learn something new. Whatever you choose to do, try to see this extra time with a positive eye and stay active and healthy.

If you’re interested in our online classes, you can find out more about our virtual studio online where you will also find our FAQs.

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