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Tofte Manor Retreat, UK

Tranquil Gardens, Beautiful House & Magical Labyrinth

Step away from the frenetic pace of life this Autumn and join the Whitespace team for a fabulous nurturing weekend retreat just 40 minutes from Stony Stratford! Surrender into luxurious accommodation, surrounded by lush nature at Tofte Manor; a gloriously homely 17th century manor house, set in 50 acres.

This retreat is perfect for complete beginners and experienced practitioners alike; anyone who would like to deepen their practice. It is a wonderful, nourishing opportunity to pause and rebalance before the cold winter months ahead.

a luxurious retreat a stone’s throw from Stony Stratford

You will sleep deeply in sumptuous beds, soak in big baths, read in the private library and relax by the fire in the beautiful sitting room. You can wander around the landscaped gardens and enjoy peaceful private woodlands. The Tofte Manor labyrinth* is a serene, intimate place perfect for peaceful reflection and quiet time.


  • 3 days of luxurious accommodation in beautiful rural Buckinghamshire
  • 4 yoga classes taught by experienced teachers in a variety of styles to both energise and restore
  • Sound meditation workshop
  • Candlelit labyrinth walk for peaceful reflection
  • Evening drum workshop around the firepit
  • Delicious organic, plant-based home cooking (with optional eggs at breakfast)
  • Unlimited Tofte energising spring water, fresh juices, tea and coffee
  • Beautiful countryside & woodland walks in stunning landscaped grounds
  • Luxury linen, towels and toiletries
  • On-site secure parking
  • Crystal Healing/Reiki and Sound Therapy/Reiki private sessions ** (optional extra-please register your interest when booking)
  • Lots of time for both quiet contemplation and social chat & laughter.

Several Whitespace team members will host the retreat. Nina will hold the space for the weekend, Pam will be preparing and cooking the food, various teachers will teach the yoga classes and other team members will join in at various points during the weekend. It will be a lovely opportunity to bring the Whitespace community together. 

We are limiting numbers for this retreat to allow everyone sufficient space and personal attention for a truly relaxing and nurturing experience. It is a wonderful opportunity for many members of the Whitespace studio and teaching team to spend time with some of the student community. However, this is your weekend; you can join in as much or as little as you wish.

This retreat is perfect for anyone who hasn’t the time or inclination to travel, but yearns for a luxurious weekend to relax, deepen their practice while enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of a really special place.

All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome, and all classes are open to everyone. Bring your heart and spirit and work to your own level and ability!

  • Starts: Friday October 15th 2021 at 15:00
  • Finish: Sunday October 17th 2021 at 16:00
Sole occupancy room with shared bathroom – Manor House£695
Double room for two with private bathroom – Manor House


(£645 pps)

Sole occupancy room with ensuite – Courtyard£695
Twin room for two with shared bathroom – Courtyard


(£595 pps)

Suite for two – Courtyard


(£695 pps)

  • Cancellations +90 days notice – 10% late cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations 31-90 days notice – 20% late cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations less than 30 days – no refund.

If Whitespace choose to postpone the event due to changes in government restrictions, then your booking will automatically be moved to the new date and you’ll be notified be email. Any refund requests at this point can be made by contacting Whitespace.

Classes are held in two beautiful studios:

The Sanctuary is a delightful, tranquil octagonal room in the grounds and surrounded by nature. It has a beautiful collection of crystals and geometric stars suspended from the ceiling.

The Crystal Room, with lots of natural light from the window overlooking the formal garden. It boasts underfloor heating for some added comfort in our autumnal yoga sessions. 

As has been customary in the studio in Covid times, you will need to bring your own mat and favourite props, to include a blanket for class, which can also be used at the firepit to keep warm too.

3.30pm onwards: settle into your room and meet the group
4.30-6pm: gentle all levels Yoga Flow “Autumn, a journey of transitions”
7.00pm: welcome drinks and dinner

6.30am: tea, coffee & fresh juice
7.15-8am: a meditational walk “A Meandering Meditation”
8.30-10am: “Be-Activated” Healing Flow with essential oils
11am: leisurely brunch
Free time for relaxing, reading, walking, exploring or for a treatment
2pm afternoon tiffin
2.30-4pm: Vinyasa to Yin
5-6pm: Labyrinth Introduction & Candlelit Walk
6-7.30pm: Drumming Workshop around the firepit
7.30pm:  dinner

8am: tea, coffee & fresh juice
9-10am: Nourishing Autumn Flow
11am: leisurely brunch
Free time for walking, exploring, reading  or a treatment
1-2.30pm: Sound Meditation (Gong Bath)
Afternoon tiffin
4pm: retreat ends


*The labyrinth at Tofte Manor is a source of inspiration and peace. Nestled in a quiet, secluded part of the garden, it is filled with a sense of tranquillity and ageless beauty, stirring feelings of enchantment.
The Tofte Labyrinth copies the design of the ancient pattern of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France, but with a unique twist. It incorporates all the elements in its design: earth, air, fire and water. The water that runs through the labyrinth pathway can be drunk. It is delicious, pure and vital, energised potent water. Research has shown that walking a labyrinth creates balance in the body and brings peace and clarity to the mind.

** Sound Therapy/Reiki Private Session A body scan will establish any energetic stagnation. Tuning forks & singing bowls will then be used on & around the body to restore balance, with the addition of Reiki to harmonise Qi flow.

Crystal Healing/Reiki Private Session A dowser will be used to read the energy patterns in the body, using crystals and Reiki to clear the aura, energy pathways, and balance the chakras for enhanced flow and sparkle.

The interior of the Manor House has been sympathetically and exquisitely restored, featuring interesting architecture, beautiful antiques, exquisite paintings, and a harmonious interior décor. There are nine luxurious Manor House bedrooms created with imagination, and every attention to detail. One fabulous country house style bathroom is allocated to each bedroom on a 1 to 2 basis and there is also a washbasin in every room.

The old Stables Courtyard has been carefully restored and converted into seven beautifully designed and contemporary bedrooms in cottages surrounding a central courtyard.

Delicious, organic, home-cooking will be served in healthy abundance throughout the weekend. Freshly laid, organic free-range eggs are optional at brunch. An imaginative selection of welcoming freshly prepared dishes should offer you all nourishing satisfaction and buzzing vitality throughout your stay.

Tofte Manor energising spring water, fresh coffee, organic homemade juices and herbal teas are complimentary. Organic wine and soft drinks at dinner are optional extras. (drinks bills to be settled on departure)

Each day will start with fresh homemade juice, pro-biotic herbal teas and organic coffee.
After the revitalising morning Yoga class, we will serve a delicious brunch; a relaxing feast of various homemade dishes; both hot and cold, sweet and savoury.
A tasty afternoon tiffin will keep everyone going until dinner.
Each day draws to a close after Yoga with a scrumptious dinner made up of a variety of freshly cooked dishes to choose from. It will be a long slow meal aimed at bringing the community together at the end of the day for relaxed chatter and laughter.
Please discuss any food allergies & dietary requirements with us when booking

Your classes

Autumn is a time of transition as we leave the vibrancy of summer behind and move towards a calmer and more restful place. This practice will explore the journey of transitions further. The session will open with a gentle embodied all-levels flow to mimic the spirit of summer, before moving towards a nurturing restorative practice that will facilitate deep relaxation and welcome the embrace of the darker months. Calming breathing practices will be interwoven throughout the session to create a rounded mind, body and breath experience. This is a session to soothe your soul.


Friday 4.30pm-6pm

Awaken your senses in this eyes-closed to eyes-open easy Meditation. First you will orientate your attention inwards, expanding your awareness through the breath, the heart and the mind. Mirroring the Autumnal trees, you too will experience how to effortlessly drop any downward spiralling thoughts and feelings that you may be holding on to. You will create your own heart centred personal mantra to use throughout the weekend. You will practice a silent, walking meditation, using your mantra as you meander through the beautiful grounds of Tofte Manor and fully absorb the vibrant colours of nature’s art.

Saturday 7.15am - 8am

Following the meditation, you will now awaken and fully inhabit your body using Be Activated techniques weaved into a gently energising flow. These muscle activations immediately give you more flexibility, more energy, more strength and more focus. Once learnt you can apply them anytime to rehabilitate the body and reduce the risk of injury. You will anchor in this new blueprint with the power of nature’s healing essential oils. This class is to prepare you to experience maximum enjoyment and to be fully open to receiving the gifts that the rest of your retreat brings. 

Saturday 8.30am - 10am

Autumn is a time of transition and change. We see it in nature. We feel it in the cooler days and darker nights. During this Vin2Yin Practice we will also move through a transition. Starting with a gentle Vinyasa Flow we will then settle into the long held poses of Yin, working with both the Yin and Yang energy in our bodies. We will release the tension that so easily builds in our upper bodies, shoulders, neck whilst also working with the meridians of the upper body to help us shed, like leaves, that which no longer serves us well.

Saturday 2.30pm - 4pm

In this workshop will explore music as a tool for meditation, relaxation, self-expression, and communication. We will gather around the firepit, at the end of the day, engaging completely with the sounds of our environment in a deep listening exercise, then exploring our own creativity and communication, as well as rhythms from across the world, in a cathartic burst of powerful sound.

Saturday 6.30pm-8pm

…to Honour the Seasons and the Body. As we observe and watch the ever-changing seasons, it can be a fantastic reminder that our bodies too, change. Just as autumn is constantly changing and moving in energy, our flow class will provide a morning energiser where we will honour our bodies exactly where they are, providing moments of strength, moments of heat and moments of reflection providing a full body stretch and opening. The perfect way to bring in the rest of the weekend.   

Gong Bath. This is a deeply meditative experience – raising awareness of ourselves, stepping closer to harmony, energy balance and spiritual uplifting. A landscape of sounds will help you enter a deep state of meditation, allowing you to experience the healing effect on the body and mind. Excellent for stress, anxiety relief and relaxation, and to improve sleep and boost energy.

Sunday 1pm - 2.30pm

Your teachers

Charlotte Cooper

yoga teacher
“I bring a fun, relaxed, open and non-judgmental teaching style, rooted in Hatha yoga, to people brand new to yoga or those wanting to refine their skills and strength. I truly believe yoga is for everyone and I want to help as many people discover it as possible.”

Emma Davies

drum workshop teacher
“Making music of any kind in a group setting, be it a choir, an orchestra, a drum circle or singing with friends in the car, has an endless list of benefits. It is a unifier, a means of expression, and most importantly a source of joy.”

Kanti Freeman

sound meditation teacher
“While sitting in a group Om meditation, some 13 years ago, I felt the very physical effects that the sound vibrations were having on my body, which was the catalyst for me to study sound over the past decade. I have developed a deep connection with the Gong through facilitating hundreds of ‘gong baths’ or ‘sound meditation’ sessions.”

David Barnett

yoga teacher
"I bring you an active and slower paced yoga, weaving held poses with slow flows, mindful movement, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra in a simple, down-to-earth way, to help you completely unwind and release after your hectic day or week. Based in Hatha yoga roots, whilst embracing and exploring modern yoga’s styles and movement. My classes are strong yet calming, offering soft pauses, stillness and challenges throughout, to create balance for mind and body, as well as the spirit. My style is encouraging and adaptive, bringing you yoga’s toolbox of self discovery as well as nurturing both physical and mental wellbeing. I find my peace in movement and breath, the pause within the yoga pose my meditation. My wish is to share how these magical moments of stillness within movement will help you find your peace and calm, regardless of injury or personal limit."

Raye White

yoga teacher
“My approach and style is to be playful and transformational! I want you to feel more Joyful, more open and more spacious than when you arrived. Yoga and Meditation for me, is about making space in the body and mind that allows life to be experienced more fully off the mat”

Susie White

yoga teacher
“Part of my role as a teacher is to inspire growth so I will always provide challenging elements whilst being mindful of every physicality in the room. If there is one quality I bring to every class it’s an uplifting energy. My aim is to create an environment where you feel truly empowered in your personal yoga journey.”


Tofte Manor
Souldrop Rd, Sharnbrook
Bedford MK44 1HH


There is plenty of parking onsite, which is located within the secure gated grounds of the estate.

Can’t make this date? No problem, register your interest for future dates below