Post Natal Yoga

Safe space allowing for relaxed and fluid classes

Baby Bumpkin baby classes are focused on the unique relationship between the parent/carer and the baby. There are some yoga inspired movements in conjunction with the special stimuli Julie uses during the session.
Post-Natal Yoga classes are specially designed to give Mums some much needed time to enjoy a gentle, post-natal yoga sequence, in the company of their baby. This helps to strengthen and tone the body after birth, including some work on pelvic floor exercises, releasing tense shoulder and back muscles, and stabilising the pelvis.


The classes combine storytelling, music and simple baby yoga movements demonstrated with the fun Baby Bumpkin doll. The emphasis is on giving babies the opportunity to explore movement and their senses.

The class is suitable for babies from 6 weeks old through to being mobile. Once mobile (shuffling or crawling), this session is no longer suitable. The unique story structure provides parents/carers with lots of ideas on how to communicate and play with your baby at home.

Baby Bumpkin is a very relaxed, informal way to have fun with your baby, whilst at the same time really helping with their physical and emotional development.

Parents/carers are guided through the movements and there’s also time for tea and chat amongst the group in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Each week explores a new adventure with Baby Bumpkin to stimulate your baby’s senses, this will

  • Encourage early sensory processing skills
  • Nurture their communication and social skills
  • Provide a unique and special bonding experience for both of you

The classes include gentle stretches for mum and baby, as well as providing creative techniques and ideas to play with your child at home. We use music, multi-sensory props, rhymes and fun to bring the stories to life!

Physical Development:

  • Tummy time
  • Side lying
  • Appropriate sitting and standing postures
  • Aids the baby’s digestion, and other physical issues

Early Fine Motor Skills:
Whatever stage your baby has reached, the movements and props help to encourage hand and finger movements which are the basis for more complex skills

Emotional Development:

  • Throughout the class the babies are encouraged to respond to each each other
  • Massage and relaxation help to calm and promote a healthy sleep / waking cycle for your baby

Cognitive Development:
Emerging language skills are nurtured through movement, exploration of sensory props and gestures

For mum/ carer:
Time for tea and coffee, and a supportive group chat at the end of each session.

Post Natal Yoga classes are designed to support you through the first exciting year and beyond, drawing on the latest research in baby development.
The class is suitable for babies from 6 weeks old through to being mobile. Once mobile (shuffling or crawling), this session is no longer suitable.

Enjoy the community of other new parents while in a comfortable setting where you may feed or change your baby as needed. Dads are very welcome too, and will benefit equally from the yoga and the interaction with their baby.

Classes are suitable for babies who are from six weeks to being mobileIf you recovering from a c-section, it is advisable to wait until the scar is fully healed.

Benefits for Baby

  • Strengthens and aids development
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Aids digestion
  • Enhanced interaction
  • A balance of activity and relaxation
  • Relaxation, massage and bonding
  • A multi–sensory approach

Benefits for Mum/Dad

  • Helps regain strength and maintain posture
  • Tones abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
  • Nurturing you whilst enjoying activities with your baby
  • Relaxation techniques to use for yourself and to sooth your baby
  • Gives you confidence, learning new ways of handling your baby
  • Make new friendships; a wonderful opportunity to find the support you may need through the first months and to have some fun with your baby too!


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